Online London Counselling and Psychotherapy with Lorraine Collins

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Welcome to Online London Counselling and Psychotherapy

During these times of uncertainty it's important to have a safe, calm and non-judgemental space to talk. I am able to offer confidential on-line or telephone therapy.  My aim is to help you discover and develop new ways which are less compromised by past patterns which have contributed to your distress and suffering in the present.  For more recent onset problems such as bereavement and work issues with a clear focus, I work collaboratively with you, helping you to gain a sense of agency around your current difficulty. My work is supervised regularly, and I continue to keep abreast with new developments and research within the field of mental health and well-being which further informs my practice.

My approach to counselling and psychotherapy weaves together different modalities to meet the clients need at that time. The foundation of my training is psychodynamic, which is an exploration of conscious and unconscious forces that underlie human behaviours. During my training I have had the privilege of working alongside a diverse range of Psychotherapists and Analysts whose expertise and experience has helped me to develop my own practice in a more holistic and integrative way.

I offer a free 15 min introductory telephone consultation for you to ask questions under no obligation.